Ready To SOAR In Twenty Four?

Are you a passionate beauty professional eager to share your expertise and empower others in the world of nails, hair and beauty, by becoming an educator, but really don't know where to start?

If so, you're in the right place!

If you've been thinking for a while about becoming an educator, but every time you ask Google, you're just presented with a minefield of information, (when it’s actually pretty simple!) we got you!

On Monday 29th January, founder of Beauty Boss, (and owner of the Beauty Boss Academy for 18 years) Layla Tourh, is hosting a FREE Masterclass next Monday, at 7:30 pm.

If you wish to explore the exciting possibility of turning your salon into a hub of learning and creativity by starting to teach beauty courses, then don't miss out on this opportunity to hear how Layla set up and scaled her academy like no other!  – a free masterclass where she'll guide you through the steps to kickstart YOUR teaching journey.


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New! Beauty Boss Ambassador Programme

We are thrilled to announce our BRAND NEW referral programme, introduced to reward Beauty Bosses just like you, for referring those around you to our industry exclusive teacher training program ‘'Together We Teach’', where you can earn money every time you recommend us to a fellow Beauty/Hair/Aesthetic Boss who want to start their journey of opening an academy or becoming an educator.

We are offering:

  • £50 per person that you refer to us, following their enrolment

  • 10% cut of the net price of your referral’s purchase if they complete the programme/course (so when you refer someone who is brand new to our database, and they graduate, you will have just made £300!

  • You can choose to put your commission earnings, towards training with The Beauty Business Academy, or products with, where we will contribute an additional 50% of the commission amount, Or, you can have it sent straight to your bank...

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Learn Exactly How To Scale Your Salon In 2022.

The only five steps you need to take to scale your beauty business and make more money on doing what you love.