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Ex salon owner and owner of Beauty Boss Her-quarters Layla Tourh, with over 24 years of industry experience created The Beauty Business Academy to hold your hand and lead your salon to success!

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Are you ready to grow your beauty business?

The Beauty Business Academy is the place for people in the beauty industry to connect, build and learn proven strategies for building a more successful and profitable beauty business.
Created by Layla Tourh ex salon owner and owner of The Beauty Boss Academy, and Beauty Boss HQ, with over 23 years of industry experience the Beauty Business Academy is here to hold your hand and lead you to success.
Ready to Grow Your Beauty Business?

Hi Beauty Boss!

I'm Layla, Beauty Boss founder and ex-salon owner with 24 years of experience in the beauty industry.

I worked in my beauty salon for almost nine years before selling up. I transitioned it from a run-down closed shop to one of the biggest beauty salons in Bournemouth! When I was working in my salon, I was fully booked for months! With a waiting list of new client inquiries every week, and this is all BEFORE social media was a thing!

Since then, I have gone on to (and still do!) operate multiple beauty companies, but my main focus is helping other beauty professionals (like you) grow their businesses and live a life they truly love- the way I do mine!

If you want clarity on how to work smarter, not harder, in your salon, how to invest your time and energy wisely to grow your beauty business, have access to myself and a tribe of other female entrepreneurs (who GET IT!) Then click the button below and take a look at our various memberships — we would LOVE to have you join us!


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Starting and growing your own business can be quite challenging.

We get that! But we know you, you are a beauty boss and deserve success! You're playing so many different roles, sometimes you just have no idea what you're doing, and then you're wasting time trying to do it all yourself, maybe getting it wrong along the way, or worse yet - you're paying someone above the odds to do this for you! That's why we're here! The Beauty Business Academy is full of amazing resources and ideas that can help you change your life, no kidding!


 You are committed to growing your beauty business to the next level

 You are ready to stop making excuses and start building the life you've always dreamt of 

 You're amazing at what you do in the salon but need a little support in the marketing of your beauty business 

 You're ready to really put the work in to BOSS your goals in 2023! 

 You want to level up in every part of your beauty business, especially your profit

 You're ready to curate a beautiful Virtual Salon Window (that's your IG account!) showcasing your beauty business, to help you grow and attract BETTER clients



You're not willing to make some changes to take your beauty business to the next level 

 You don't want to take steps to achieve the income you want  

  You don't want to become more efficient with your time and have more freedom

 You're not ready to make changes in order to have a fully booked diary.


Are you ready to transform your life and business?

We have ways to help you no matter what level of the business you are in at the moment.

The Beauty Of Instagram.

Transform your followers into paying customers.

Finally, a simple way to use Instagram to attract ''Pound Star'' clients in your local area, raise your prices and get fully booked weeks in advance! Ready to start showing up in your Virtual Salon Window and start bringing you clients day in and out without feeling overwhelmed?


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The Members Club.


Do you want to make more money in your Beauty and Aesthetics business?

You will get access to:

Business classes with everything you need to boost your beauty and aesthetics business (Success Kits)

Salon support (group coaching calls)

Exclusive community and Directory 

The Vault (Social Media resources)

A library of ebooks to support you through the training.

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"I  truly believe that with the right tools and guidance you can build yourself a successful business in the beauty industry if I can do it (multiple times!), so can you!"

-Layla Tourh

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