Want to pay yourself the most you've ever paid yourself this year?


Group Coaching with Layla now available!

Ready to get off the salon hamster wheel?

I want to PERSONALLY help you follow in my footsteps. 

If you know my journey as a beauty-preneur, then you'll know just how much I can help you with my authentic guidance. No fluff, just genuine strategies that bring real results. 

✔️ Multi million pound distribution company - best year 7.3 million generated!

✔️ Training academies  - Over 18 years training nail, beauty, and aesthetic professionals.

✔️ Creator and product developer of brands: Exposed Spray Tan, Lashnv Lashes, Lipnv No Needle Filler.

Discover the power of having me as your Career Coach, and watch your beauty business soar to new heights.

 Not Sure Where To Start? 

Don't Worry! I've Got You!

If you’re anything like the beauty professionals I already coach, then you know you could be further in your business, but no matter how hard you work, you always feel behind... that's where I come in!

Investing in a business coach can be daunting - but it doesn't have to be!

You've hit a point in your business where you don't know what to do next to increase your profits, and now you're starting to get frustrated with your business... been there done that got the tunic!

Ready For A New Approach?

As a career coach with over 24 years of high level business experience, I'd love to introduce you to a new approach to business success, and productivity. 

Through my coaching, I'll help you get clarity on what's most important to you, help you organise your thoughts, and help you produce compounding results in your business.

I'll have you consistently working ON your business, and I'm confident I can help you hit your biggest goals (without working more hours in the salon!). 

1-2-1 Power Hour

Have my full attention when booking an exclusive 1-to-1 coaching call. Through personalised and confidential guidance, sharing my proven to work strategies, and unwavering support, I will help you unlock your true potential and help you to map out where you want to take your skills next. Don't miss this opportunity to work closely with a highly skilled coach like me who who is dedicated to your progress. Take charge of your life and book your one-hour 1-to-1 coaching session with me today!

* Calls are recorded and sent to you after session.



Power Morning

This is a face-to-face intensive coaching session is for people who want to power through and turn their ideas in to launches.

In just 4 intensive hours, I can deep dive into your business - discussing any challenges and offer you my solutions. Together we will sit and develop specially tailored strategies and a roadmap for your success. Plus, I'll be checking in and following up with you for 4 weeks after our coaching session - to hold you accountable and super charge my follow on support.

If you're looking for something (or someone!) to fuel your productivity, I've got you. Level up your business today with my Half-Day Face-to-Face Coaching, and take the first step towards achieving your goals. ''Lunch with Layla'' included!

* Can be paid in x2 instalments


I want to have a Power Up Morning With Layla

What does coaching look like?

When you sign up, your coaching package is entirely customised to suit your specific needs. II'll meet you at where you're at in your business, and prioritise our coaching sessions based on YOU, YOUR business, and YOUR desired outcomes. Together, we methodically map out your vision of success and address any challenges or obstacles in your way. Armed with your new plan of action, you'll go into your week with incredible clarity and focus. You'll wake up in the morning and operate with intention because you already know exactly what you need to do for the day.

As we progress, my guidance will get more advanced to align with new goals, introduce you to new systems and actions, to help keep you levelling up.

Accountability & Motivation:

Support and accountability ensuring you stay motivated and committed to achieving your goals, while celebrating your progress along the way.

Goal-Oriented Strategies:

Optimised business habits 

Turn big ideas into results, fast

Faster Progress:

Bypass trial and error

Explosive revenue growth 

Frictionless delegation

3 - 6 Month VIB Programme

Step into the spotlight as a VIB (Very Important Beauty Boss!) with my transformational Career Coaching Programme. Over the 3-6 months, you'll receive 60-minute coaching sessions (via Zoom) every 2 weeks: providing a very tailor-made action plan for you, and strategic for you to take in your beauty business.

But that's not all – I believe in continuous support, so you'll have direct access to me via Whats-app, allowing you to reach me and receive ongoing guidance - I'll be just a voicenote away!

You also get access to a treasure trove of my courses and workshops inside the Beauty Business Academy (We have everything from Recruitment, Chat GPT, Facebook Ads, Visibility, Personal Branding, Money Mindset, Lead Generation, Email List Building, Google Ads... the list really is endless!).

My VIB Programme also includes a face-to-face meeting (T&Cs apply) towards the end of the programme, where we will take a look at your progress, gain valuable feedback, and refine your strategies in a relaxed and inspiring environment. 

Prices (2024):

3 Month - £2,495.00 (plus vat)

6 Months - £4,995.00 (plus vat)

* Payment plan available - After my coaching you won't need to use a payment plan again!

Application Only.

You cannot sign up to a package through the website, it's application only. If you would like to apply for one of the above packages, please fill out this short form, and a member of the team will be in touch.

Why Me?


As a former salon owner, training academy owner, product developer, and international distributor, I come with firsthand experience and practical insights on where you're very likely wanting to go next in your business.


Together, we'll overcome challenges, set ambitious goals, and achieve sustainable growth.


It's time to unlock your potential!

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