Industry Week At Weymouth College

Today I went back to College!

It’s that time of year again where I meet up with the Colleges I supply, and discuss new products and courses to continue our supplies and partnership - but today was a little different.

I was asked to come in during “Industry Week”, and give a talk to the students about what is waiting for them on the other side of College.

I  reminded the ladies that this is not a hobby, and that there are big opportunities and lots of money to be made in the beauty industry.

One of the tutors came in from another class and said “I had to come in and meet you, all of the ladies have just come out so inspired- and they’re all trying to guess you’re age as you’ve done so much in the industry!”.

Apparently one student said “I want to be Layla when I grow up!”, that made me giggle! 🤭

I told them that I have at least 7 streams of income, and I’m not even really “working” - that made them...

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Ready To SOAR In Twenty Four?

Are you a passionate beauty professional eager to share your expertise and empower others in the world of nails, hair and beauty, by becoming an educator, but really don't know where to start?

If so, you're in the right place!

If you've been thinking for a while about becoming an educator, but every time you ask Google, you're just presented with a minefield of information, (when it’s actually pretty simple!) we got you!

On Monday 29th January, founder of Beauty Boss, (and owner of the Beauty Boss Academy for 18 years) Layla Tourh, is hosting a FREE Masterclass next Monday, at 7:30 pm.

If you wish to explore the exciting possibility of turning your salon into a hub of learning and creativity by starting to teach beauty courses, then don't miss out on this opportunity to hear how Layla set up and scaled her academy like no other!  – a free masterclass where she'll guide you through the steps to kickstart YOUR teaching journey.


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New Year New Podcast!

podcast Jan 01, 2024

We are so excited to announce the launch of our groundbreaking podcast, "She's Bossed It''.

The podcast is specifically designed to empower and inspire women in business and entrepreneurship.

In a world where female entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and making significant strides, "She's Bossed It" hosted by Beauty Boss founder, Layla Tourh, aims to celebrate achievements in business, share personal success stories, and provide valuable insights and advice for women looking to thrive in the beauty industry.

Beauty Boss, Layla Tourh says '' The launch of the 'She's Bossed It' podcast was a long time coming. With so many downloads in its first 24 hours of being published, and with listeners from across the world, its really exciting to see the podcast being so well received so early on, I'm very honoured that people want to listen to my stories, and I look forward to bringing high level achievers in business to the podcast to share their stories too!''.


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Secret Sister!👭

It’s that time of year again Beauty Boss!

It’s December, which means everyone’s favourite Beauty Boss event, Secret Sister, is back!

Father Christmas STEP ASSIDE, this one is for the girls! 

Not been part of Secret Sister before? Don’t worry, let us explain:

It’s basically our spin on 'Secret Santa', where you buy a fellow beauty boss a gift -  and they don't know who it's from! 

We held our first Secret Sister initiative in 2021, and it was such a success, and is now a firm part of our company.

If you want to take part in gifting a fellow beauty boss, the first thing to know; is that the budget is only £10, we wanted to make it super affordable for you all. There are lots of adorable things you can get for £10 on the high street, and online.

Here are the main details:

The budget is £10.00 - of course if you go over, that's up to you!

The deadline to enter is the 18th of December.

The last...

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Take your skills to the stage!

Public speaking is an invaluable skill for professionals in various fields, and when teaching hair and beauty this is no exception. As an educator, your ability to communicate effectively can significantly impact your students' learning experiences and your career success as an educator. Public speaking skills are indispensable for us as educators, as they play a pivotal role in creating a positive and effective learning environment. Confidence, clear communication, engagement, empathy, and adaptability; are all essential components of effective teaching through public speaking. Here are a few pointers to help you with your public speaking skills in the classroom or online, using some of my ‘Speech To Teach methods:

  1. Confidence:

Confidence is the first thing to master if you want to be an effective public speaker in the classroom. Your students will be looking up to you as their source of knowledge, and as their personal guide,  so for you to instil...

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Beauty Boss Pinkmas Party!

Deck the Halls with Hairspray and Nail Glitter!

The Most Glamorous Christmas Party for Hair and Beauty Professionals is Coming to Town, and we're painting it PINK!

We are so incredibly proud to share that Beauty Boss has teamed up with local event organisers, KOKO Events, which is helping bringing our vision of throwing THE BEST industry Christmas party, to life! 

Beauty Boss Layla Tourh says'' You've spent the year making everyone else look and feel their best, now it's YOUR turn, to let your hair down (pun intended!) and dance the night away, at the Beauty Boss Pinkmas Party!''.

So what can you expect?

We're rolling out the pink carpet (literally!).

You can expect FREE Prosecco upon arrival, fancy drinks at the Sip & Sparkle bar, Santas Selfie Grotto, and more... we don't want to spoil it for you!

What we CAN tell you though, is that we know you like to work hard, AND play hard, which is why we have booked the best DJ and entertainers in town! You can...

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Wear It Pink! October 20th 2023

Wear It Pink Day, is a date that should be in every diary of every beauty boss!

This year, Beauty Boss HQ and its academies have collaborated with 'Breast Cancer Now', and will be encouraging salons to take part too! Wear it pink day, is held across the UK, on Friday 20th October 2023.

We will be encouraging salons to tell their clients to have their nails painted ONLY a shade of PINK on Friday 20th October.

Staff (and clients if informed ahead of appointment) to wear pink even if its just a pink hair clip, pair of pink socks, or pink knickers!

Tag @Beautybosshq, and @breastcancernow #wearitpink 

Of course, raise money whilst having fun in your salon!

MD of Beauty Boss HQ, Layla Tourh says ''As women in an industry that is predominantly female lead, by both the professionals, and the clients it serves, we have to acknowledge breast cancer and the life changing effects it has on women. It's no secret that our salons offer a safe space for clients to talk about their...

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New! Beauty Boss Ambassador Programme

We are thrilled to announce our BRAND NEW referral programme, introduced to reward Beauty Bosses just like you, for referring those around you to our industry exclusive teacher training program ‘'Together We Teach’', where you can earn money every time you recommend us to a fellow Beauty/Hair/Aesthetic Boss who want to start their journey of opening an academy or becoming an educator.

We are offering:

  • £50 per person that you refer to us, following their enrolment

  • 10% cut of the net price of your referral’s purchase if they complete the programme/course (so when you refer someone who is brand new to our database, and they graduate, you will have just made £300!

  • You can choose to put your commission earnings, towards training with The Beauty Business Academy, or products with, where we will contribute an additional 50% of the commission amount, Or, you can have it sent straight to your bank...

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NEW! Contracts & Templates for your beauty business

How much is legal peace of mind worth to you?

We're excited to introduce you to our game-changing collection of templates designed to make your life easier, and your business shine like never before. 

Our brand new collection of contracts and templates will ensure legal compliance, and boosts professionalism.

Say goodbye to stressful hours spent crafting client consent forms, employee contracts, and marketing materials. Our 'Lawless to Flawless' templates are ready to use and fully customisable. With just a few clicks, you'll have professionally crafted documents at your fingertips!

But that's not all! These templates will not only save you time but also enhance your professional image. Impress your clients with polished and well-structured documents that leave a lasting impression.

And the best part? You can be confident that your business is on the right side of the law. Our templates help you stay compliant with legal requirements, protecting you, your employees, and...

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Why you should enter industry awards

It's officially awards season in the nail and beauty industry. 

As a multi award winner and experienced judge of industry awards, I thought I’d give you an insight on why you should consider entering industry awards:

Here are my main take aways and insights:

🏆  Winning awards can bring you a great amount of PR, for FREE! But even before the actual awards night, you can boost your profile and reputation. During the lead up to the awards, the awards organiser will shine a light on your business, often including links to your socials and website (so great for Google ranking too!). From here, you can leverage all the free PR on your own socials and website, and include the relevant logo’s.

As a winner, you get all of the above and some (like a winner logo!). Winning or being acknowledged for something like being a runner up, is something you can also mention and include in your marketing for years to come.

🏆 We all know how important it is, to be trusted in...

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